Exclusive interview with Xamani (photography)


Hello sir,
A sneak peek, who is Xamani?

Xamani is a pro photographer and cinematographer, A lover of colors and time.  Funny abi? (lol)

Hehe but that’s the facts sir

Thank you

Where do you base?
Am based in Abuja but i travel a lot.

Tour photographer abii? In your terms what is photography?
In my terms photography means light and time.

Hehe but you make it sound so simple.
How long have you been doing photography?
I started photography 2yrs ago.
How has your journey been?
I wasn’t born into a photographer’s family, nor was i given a camera to work as a young man. Should i say i went to YouTube University of photography…lol

Wow! 2years and youre already a pro, How do you do these things? Your passion and zeal must be a 100%
What inspires your art?
Well the journey has been rough and good at the same time, But i think my passion has been the driven force. Basically i started with just taking pictures randomly, if u have been following me up you will see that i have shot weddings before and events. It’s not as if i don’t do them anymore, i am just trying to channel everything to the real me i just discovered. ‘The new me loves art.

How do I do these things?
I just take random pictures, most times subconscious moments Plus i love colors. I don’t have a favorite color.
What really inspires me is color O!


Any Mentor or people you look up to?
Yes I want to be  better than Mutua Matheka.
Obviously mutua matheka is something else.
How hard do you push yourself?

I shoot almost every day, either for clients or pursuing projects that have a social objective.
What project are you currently working on?
I Have a lot of film projects, that aside. Me and my friends came together to start something called Ndeko. Ndeko means ‘history in Bantu language. Ndeko is all about documenting creative people. Aside that too, i am about to start a hashtag called #365Nigeria, everyday i must post a picture that has to do with Nigeria either the environment or anything.
That’s awesome I can’t wait.
Talking about your profession what do you enjoy most about it?

A smile, A wink of complicity, that special look that reveals our true and intimate essence.


If you could go back in time, what would you do differently?
(lol) I would have gone for my Dad’s wish; I would have been working in a bank or any firm
I really love math and technical drawing.
Are you saying you can pick math over photography?
Hehe you must be joking, what prompted you into photography?

I became passionate about photography because of my love for technical drawing so since i couldn’t do the math i picked my TD (lol)
So are you done with school?

Am in my Final year
Cool, which school, what course?
Hmmm good question

National Open University of Nigeria, 400l computer science.

But you travel a lot and your works seem time consuming. What is your secret to balancing school and photography?
My school is online so it’s less stressful for me unlike my 200 level, so i have more time before my exams to create beautiful pictures.

Why unlike your 200 level?
My 200l was stressful; I had more courses to offer so my school took much of my time.

Back to the previous topic on your new project, ‘Ndeko. Why Bantu language?

Nothing really my friend CEF came up with the name and everyone was cool with it.
Sounds cool though, where do you see yourself in 5years from now?
I want to see my works not myself across the continents in the best photo gallery and also a good client base.

Lastly the trivia, If you’re to possess a super power, what would that be?

lol…the power to control time!!

Hehe Abii? you and time smh.

We really appreciate your time and effort.
Thank you for your time too.


Dot magazine
All rights reserved
All Photocred  xamani istifanus@xamanijnr


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